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                                                                               An ultra-compact desktop PC for a wide range of professional uses.

Offering SMEs solutions and tools to stimulate excellence in the working environment are among the main objectives of the innovative Tiny series of compact desktops. As the modern office becomes smaller and more flexible in its location, the desktop computer must evolve too. Today's businesses need high-performance desktops that take up very little space. With its compact 1-litre form factor, this entry-level desktop will fit easily into an already busy workspace.

The ThinkCentre M60e Tiny, the latest in this category of desktops, packs impressive performance into a tiny package. Designed to fit easily into today's small and changeable workspaces, the M60e brings big ideas to life, with the option of a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor delivering the performance, speed and capabilities that every office needs. It also offers support for dual storage, latest-generation WiFi 6 connectivity and several mounting options so you can customise it to suit your needs. With a wide range of ports, it can connect to virtually any external device, from industry-specific equipment to older peripherals.

Combined with other systems, it's easy to find a place for it without cluttering up the desktop. It is positioned as a viable upgrade for SMEs that want to equip their general, non-specialist office workers with an entry-level desktop computer.

Big on performance

This Tiny desktop, small in size but big in processing power, integrates up to Intel Core i5 processors and up to two DDR4 SODIMM modules (2666 MHz), allowing users to configure the ThinkCentre M60e as they see fit, according to their needs.

Secure inside and out

Data security is a growing concern, especially in today's undefined workspaces. ThinkCentre devices give your employees the peace of mind to innovate with the enhanced security of ThinkShield, the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end security solution that combines industry-leading hardware, software, services and processes to protect your ideas and your business. The ThinkCentre M60e incorporates ThinkShield features, including a TPM 2.0 module built into the firmware, plus a host of other security features that can be customised to your specific needs. Plus, a Kensington security cable slot prevents thieves from literally stealing your data.

Easy expandability

The ThinkCentre M60e is designed to grow with your business. Whether it's specialised equipment or older peripherals, you'll be able to plug them all into this desktop.

Easy upgradeability

The ThinkCentre M60e is easy to deploy, upgrade and manage with built-in driver support for older versions of operating systems. Tool-free access to the SSD and memory module allows for quick and efficient expansion and maintenance.

Enhanced user experience

The ThinkCentre M60e is designed with users' needs in mind, while also taking into account the limited workspace available. With its sleek, modern design and compact 1-litre footprint, this Tiny PC fits easily into modern office, small business or retail environments, whether it's set down, mounted out of the way or combined with a Tiny-in-On (TIO). Users can connect up to two displays to the ThinkCentre M60e for optimal multitasking. A USB-C port on the front panel enables fast charging and data sharing.

Thoughtful design

The ThinkCentre M60e enhances the computing experience with convenient features such as Smart Power On, which allows users to turn on the desktop with a simple keyboard shortcut. This is particularly useful when the ThinkCentre M60e (and its power button) is installed inside a TIO. 

Continuous innovation

Lenovo is inspired by what customers say about their devices and what they want from them. This is reflected, for example, in the variety of mounting options they offer for the ThinkCentre M60e and the added value it delivers when combined with the IOT. This combination allows businesses to upgrade monitors and PCs separately to reduce costs and offers users an even more compact design to free up more desk space. This PC is also extremely energy-efficient. It is Energy Star and EPEAT Bronze certified.

Proven quality

Lenovo's dedication to constantly improving product quality is matched by rigorous testing for robustness and reliability, enabling their products to achieve an average time before failure of one million hours. In addition to their extensive internal testing for real-world problems. .


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