An IT services company, driven by a single aim: to give our customers, colleagues and partners,
the most comfortable IT experience possible, which means:

- benefiting from the latest innovations and technological evolutions
- knowing that tools work
- knowing that every needs is addressed, from switch to the application
- being supported by qualified and passionate consultants
- having access to an international panel of experts

In other words, we support you with your projects and help you to live, work and progress easily
in an ideal IT space. We manage your IT infrastructure, we select experts to provide ongoing
support, and we create a stimulating work environment for everyone.


OUR serviceS

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS ensures your IT comfort. This is how!


  • Managed Services

  • Personalisation of your equipment

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Rapid assistance

  • Setting up specific apps

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  • Putting IT experts at your service

  • Supporting your projects

  • Consulting

  • Audits

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  • Cloud equipment and services

  • Tested and approved software

  • To purchase or rent

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  • Development or deployment

  • App migration

  • Agile methodology

  • Close to you

  • Odoo Partner

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Software Tester - Full Time - Namur, Belgium

Ready to shape flawless software experiences? Join us as a Software Tester and become the architect of precise testing plans and scenarios, ensuring our products exceed expectations!

Database Administrator - Full Time - Liège, Belgium

Are you a talented and ambitious Database Administrator looking for an exhilarating new challenge? Join our exceptional team and unlock your full potential!

DevOps Engineer - Full Time - Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Be the driving force behind our company's technological evolution as our next DevOps Engineer!

System Administrator - Full Time - Liège, Belgium

Could you be THE computer systems and networks specialist we're looking for? A job full of contacts, challenges and technological opportunities awaits you in the province of Liège!



Founded in 1991 (just between the disappearance of the dinosaurs and the birth of the web),
ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS brings together experts from all fields. What do they have in common?
They are very flexible, reactive and skilful, concerned about the environment, autonomous and caring.
In our office as well as in yours.

Philippe Houssier

Partner Sales & Business Development

« We aim to become the benchmark in IT consulting: the company you go to when you want guaranteed top-quality service and solutions to complex problems. » 

Frédérick Georges

Partner - Administration & Control

« ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS is to IT what the abacus is to maths: our world-class experts simplify the comprehension and use of the IT environment. »

Stephan Radermacher

Partner - Sales & Business Development Germany

« Competence, Trust & Reliability. Those are the core values that matter in every relationship. At ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS they can be found everywhere. » 

A great team to work with

At ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS, the concept of IT comfort has several dimensions.

We have a wide range of services available for public services, or small and medium-sized companies, on site and remotely, aimed at getting the most out of your IT infrastructure, in comfort. You can also rely on experts who understand your business, your constraints and your priorities, and who develop top quality apps and an ergonomic, efficient IT environment for you.

Our well-regarded, highly-trained, motivated experts use the skills, curiosity and enthusiasm needed to help you overcome every challenge. Job done!



Benefit from the advantages of Business Vouchers with ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS, digital experts

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS is delighted to announce its accreditation as a Business Vouchers company by the Wallonia region.

Navigating the volatile IT candidate market : Insights and Strategies for Success

We know how challenging it can be to find and attract top talent in the ever-changing IT candidate market. That's why we're here to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Work-linked training at ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS: Inspiring testimony from an apprentice

Read about the exciting experience of Tim Kistemann, a 21-year-old apprentice at ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS.


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