ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS - Your individual competence matrix

Dear colleague,

 As an IT services company, we are driven by a single goal, each single day: we want to provide our customers, colleagues and partners with the most comfortable IT experience possible. In order to guarantee the quality of our services in the innovative, fast-paced professional environment we all work in, we today need the help of EVERY colleague.

We would like to ask to all of you: Please take 10 minutes of your time and participate to this survey.

The Purpose:

The present “skills matrix” survey allows to make the inventory of our currently available expertise among all our staff members. The result is a clear view on individual competencies, her or his hard and soft-skills, preferences and areas of interest. This encloses all your experiences, not only the current mission you are working on. So please take the helicopter perspective of yourself.

At an ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS group level, starting with a clear picture of skills available within our colleagues, it allows us to even better communicate our areas of expertise, our competence hot spots, but as well our less developed or rare competencies. It makes us stronger.

At an INDIVIDUAL level, it allows to even further detail our career development plans including the necessary professional trainings and certification tracks. It makes you stronger.


The methodology:

Don’t be afraid. The following really isn’t rocket science. It is a simple self-assessment of your competencies, we expect you to be as close as possible to the reality. The survey leads you through four key domains of expertise: 

  • Development

  • Systems

  • Business Applications

  • Governance Tools

For each competence you have, indicate your level in a simple scale and rate yourself into “basic”, “medium” and “advance”. In case you made a certification, please check the “certified” checkbox as well. In this case, please give a level as a person can have done a certification but esteem his level of knowledge to “medium” as there is a lack of relevant application in practice.


That’s all?

Yes, that’s easy, right? Dear colleague, we count on you. Thanks for the participation. And please call Laurianne Jamm or drop her a line if you have remarks, questions or feedback.

 Thank you. 

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS. Together. Stronger. 

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