Blended IT Services

For small and medium structures, we propose a large range of both on-site and remote services to support our customer in having access to their IT infrastructure in full comfort.

These blended IT services can be delivered on request when specific needs occur – for example: punctual supports in the context of a migration, or, consulting activities like auditing an existing infrastructure or advising about a solution to be implemented, are needed. Additionally, these servicescan be delivered in the context of a so-called “IT Comfort contract” that can be considered as a global managed services contract with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

This contract gives priority access to our services at a better rate and includes a set of preventive maintenance and monitoring services which ensures your infrastructure to be up and running. It also guaranties intervention within 1/2 hour, 4 hours or “Next Business-Day” depending on the level of emergency of the incident (and the type of contract).

Our activities are supported by Service Desk agents who are technically able to intervene directly and remotely, as well as experts ready to intervene on-site.

Our Service Desk presently supports German, French and English languages.

We install, maintain and manage the full range of small and mid-size computing products and related necessary operating systems including, but not limited to: servers, desktops, storages, networks, firewalls, switches, voice over IP,…