ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS – expert in IT comfort 

IT comfort is at the same time a mind-set when serving customers, the relations developed with the talents working for the company, a methodological framework and a set of tools put in place to run the business.

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS activities are built around 4 axis:

management IT infrastructure;


project either around the ERP Odoo or through adhoc development

Beside delivering the IT comfort everyone deserves, ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS values creating an amazing and exciting working environment where people feel good and where a bit of madness and serious work are not incompatible.

Don’t hesitate to visit our website or contact us at info@abakusitsolutions.eu


As an IT comfort provider for small and medium enterprises in the « Grande Région », ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS is the one-stop-shop for anything and everything related to IT, from the switch to applications, from computing products to services, from the maintenance of the infrastructure to the development of new applications.

For larger organisations, ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS also provides IT services either through IT staff provision or specific services (audits, short term missions, etc.…)

The company is also a recognized actor in the public sector.

Privately owned, it is appreciated for the quality of its services, its targeted innovation, its multilingualism and the well-established and targeted partners’ network.


To continuously improve the IT comfort of our customers:

  • By allowing them to take advantage of the latest innovations and technological advancements;
  • By guaranteeing proper functioning of their technologies, thus allowing them to concentrate on their company objectives
  • By letting them benefit from the positive impact of the usage of the existing international « production » capacities available among our network of partners
  • By surrounding them with skilled and passionate consultants, whom are happy to work in an enlivening and fascinating environment, where people feel good and important human values are respected.


  • More than 20 years of experience (founded in 1991)
  • Close to our customers
  • Multilingualism
  • Real experts in IT infrastructure!
  • ...


ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS objective is to cover the full range of IT services from the switch to the application.
3 main technological domains are covered.

The first one is the traditional one linked to the IT comfort more generally known as managed services is related to the maintenance and the operation of the customer infrastructure.

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS masters not only the technologies around classical small and medium size servers, but also provides the services by applying a methodological framework respecting ITIL standard.

Concretely, we install, maintain, monitor and upgrade hardware and software of servers, storage devices, network appliances, PC, mobile devices,…

For our development activities, we concentrate our resources on 3 technological fields.

  • Microsoft .NET and SharePoint,
  • A wide range of Oracle products
  • Java development environment

The third domain completes our range of services by adding analysis, methodological and quality assurance skills to the here-above mentioned domains. This corresponds to Project Management, testing, quality assurance, business and software analysis activities.


  • Because we are affordable ;
  • Because our experts enjoy their work;
  • Because we know what serving our customer means ;
  • Because we have continuous improvement always in mind ;
  • Because we will advise you in an innovative and reasonable spirit ;
  • Because we make it work ;
  • Because we cover the full range of IT from the products to the services ;
  • Because we have a call desk that can serve and support straight away
  • Because we deliver quality ;
  • Because we do keep track of the latest technological innovations and enjoy doing so!


Philippe Houssier
Sales and Business development

His long experience in management and sales acquired in multinational organizations as well as his deep methodological and organizational knowledge are his most important assets.

After a short scientific career, he started in the IT as GIS consultant for Siemens in 1990. Over the year, he occupied several functions in the group including CEO of Siemens IT solutions in Luxembourg.

Co-owner of ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS since June 2012, he joined his 2 partners to share with them his expertise and contribute to the development of the company.

For him, growth should only happen in a spirit of respect, care for quality, and innovation in a challenging and entertaining atmosphere.

Philippe Houssier graduated from University of Liège, he was born in 1963

Frédérick Georges
Administration & Control

After a small career in sales, Frédérick joined ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS in 2003 and swiftly became a key element of the company. His business management background naturally let him to progressively take the lead on the finance of the structure ensuring his longevity and stability.

Frederick focuses his energy and enthusiasm on business administration and human resources management. Hard worker and naturally well organized, Frederick is proud to participate to the growth of ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS and its subsidiaries.

Frederick believes in the power of continuous improvement to provide his clients the IT-comfort they deserve.

Frederick Georges graduated from University of Liège (HEC), he was born in 1977