Application Developer (M/F)

Hasselt 1A, Beiler 9944, Luxembourg
22/02/2021 11:34:37

Join ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS and become an expert in IT comfort!

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS is seeking to hire people passionate about IT not afraid to mix serious work and a bit of madness!

1. Context

The developer profile is responsible for development and maintenance of existing and possible new tools used by service modules. He will push new technologies and techniques forwards. He will join an Agile team to design, implement, and support business applications.
The project consists of:
Network Infrastructure
 The LAN in buildings (approximately 90 buildings spread over Brussels, Luxembourg)
 The connections between these buildings an international Backbone (MPLS technology)
 The interconnection with other providers with dynamic routing and VPN.
 WIFI Hotspots spread over the buildings
Security and Internet Infrastructure
 The security perimeter consists in a multi-layer infrastructure of firewalls and VPN of different vendors (Fortinet, Checkpoint, Pulsecure)
 The incoming and outgoing accesses with the external world pass through dedicated appliances working as proxies and reverse proxies (Bluecoat)
 DNS infrastructure and authentication servers are part of our domain of competences (BIND9)
A team of 45 people is working permanently on-site (Luxembourg and Brussel).
2. Your mission:
 Analysing customer requirements
 Developing existing programs by analysing and identifying areas for modification
 Presenting ideas for system improvements
 Software architecture design, together with architecture team
 Creating technical specifications, writing program code and documenting
 Testing the product in controlled situations before going live
 Preparation of training manuals for users
 Maintaining the systems once they are up and running
 Being helpful, respectful, team oriented and keeping others informed
 Interested and willing to learn new technologies
3. Job profile:
 Any knowledge or Experience with the following is beneficial but not mandatory
 Python/ Perl programming
 Web front-end tools (Javascript, prederably angularjs)
 Microservice Architecture
 Enterprise messaging bus
 NoSQL Databases like graph DB
 DEVOPS (CD/CI, Pipeline,…)
 Quality Control of code and release
 Experience of managing system GNU/Linux,
 Experience in automation and deployment (Ansible)
 Network and security Technologies
 Fluent in French and technical English
 Education : BAC +3 in computer sciences or equivalent experience
 3-4 years of experience in software development
 Autonomous and motivated
 Team spirit and strength of proposal regarding the technical choices
 Spirit of initiative
 Good interpersonal skills and strong adaptability
 Pragmatism and sense of organization
 Analytical mind
 Passion for challenge and innovation
4. Location and Timing issues:
 Provision of the above mentioned services basically in Luxembourg, with a possibility to work in Brussels about 1 day per month.
 Occasional interventions outside of normal working hours may be requested
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Opportunities are numerous. From bare applications development to of IT infrastructures management including conception, architecture and requirements analysis.

Although open to technologies used by our customers, ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS seeks mainly but not only consultants mastering: Windows and Linux Servers, networks, developments (JAVA, SAP, .NET,…) as well as highly specialized experts for example in cybersecurity or in Content Management System (CMS) (SharePoint, Drupal, WebLogic…).

In terms of non-technical competencies, ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS hires dynamic persons, open to the world, interested by innovation and having a keen sense of client relationship.

A very good command of English is essential, the capacity to speak French, German or Dutch is an asset.

Even though most of our positions require at least 3 years of experience, some are open to new starters.

ABAKUS IT-SOLUTIONS works either in its premises or in our customer’s one, remote activities are sometime possible.

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